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... [Aug. 22nd, 2007|08:21 pm]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |muse - surrender]

i have come to the realization
that everyone that is supposed to be my friend
just uses me
lies to me
and refuse to have anything to do with me
other than money
all anyone cares about is
thanks alot media for corrupting society into the most ugly thing ever

DO NOT EVER GET CINGULAR [Nov. 16th, 2004|06:35 pm]
[mood |pissed offpissed off]
[music |mad world]

To: rbean@gsm.wireless.com
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 18:33:19 -0800
Subject: cingular
Hello Rob Bean.  My name is Jon Day and I have a huge problem with
Cingular.  The location is PA219-Alderwood Mall (Kiosk) and the sales
representative is Meredith Hallstrom.  There was also another person
involved which I shall get into later.

Okay so this is how it started.  On Sunday October 31st I went in with
my brother and his girlfriend and we got a family plan which costed
59.99 and added 2 other phones for 9.99 each.  I also go I think it
was some sort of warranty for on of the phone incase one broke.  We
got the phones and the rebates to send in to make the phones free.  We
walked away happy.

Next on Sunday November 7th we ended up switching to AT&T since it was
the same monthly price but allowed us nights at 7 and extra 50 minutes
and had better reception.  We also know about the merger just so you
know.  We decided to take the phones back to Cingular.  We walked away
from AT&T happy.

Next on Wednesday November 10th I came into Cingular and said how i
wanted to take but the phones.  Meredith ended up confusing me about
the merger.  So I walked away confused and decided to do research of
my own.

This is where the craziness begins.  Sunday November 14th I came in
and said how I did my research and that everything was fine with AT&T.
Meredith and another guy, let's just call him guy for now, were
saying how I should not change.  Meredith and Guy were both saying how
AT&T phones will no longer work after November 15th.  Which obviously
is a lie since my phone works fine today.  Anyways, Guy was telling me
that there is no reason to have nights start at 7 instead of 9.  I
kept telling him I work in the morning and therefore any calls I make
will not be free.  Guy kept hounding at me about this like it was any
of his business or his say.  Guy ended up starting to take back the
phones.  Then Guy was saying how i could not since a upc was off of
one of the boxes and was sent in for rebate.  I then let Guy know that
the upc was in the box.  Next he laughed and said I could not return
the phones because it was 15 days.  I kept telling Guy how it was 14
days.  Sunday to Sunday two weeks.  Guy was laughing saying  I was
wrong over and over and over.  And yes I looked at my contract and
realized later that we actually have 15 days to return the phones.
Anyways Guy was laughing and started saying "NOW YOU ARE STUCK WITH
heard this she started chiming in.  Meredith was saying "FINE I DO NOT
Meredith were rude and talking loudly during the whole process as
there were no custumers besides me around.  I took back the phones and
started to leave.  I called my brother with our AT&T cell phones and
told him what had happened.  He decided he wanted to talk to them over
the phone.  So I walked back.  I asked who the highest up person there
was and Guy said it was him.  So I gave him the phone.  My brother
talked to him for a while saying how it was 14 days and they are
supposed to return the phones.  However Guy refused and when my
brother asked for the highest up person there again Guy said it was
him.  My brother asked for Guys name and he said it was "JACKSON" as
Guy started to hide his name tag from me.  I ended up leaving and
telling my brother to call Cingular and make a report of this incident
for proof that we did try to take the phones back in 14 days.  He did
and so we have proof that we tried and were not allowed.

The next morning on Monday November 16th my brother called Cingular
with yet another representative and explained the situtuation.   She
told him how that was crazy that they did not let us take the phones
back.  She also stated that we actually have 30 days to take them back
with no fees except for the days we used the phones.  I then got home
from work and drove back to the mall with my brother.  On the way
there we called another representative from Cingular and let her know
as well.  She said that we were right and they should have allowed the
phones to be taken back.  She said if we had any problems to call them
back and give the phone to Meredith.  So we finally got to Cingular.
A worker there had to call to get Meredith there.  Meredith and
"JACKSON" walked out of a door.  Meredith walked to where we were.
"JACKSON" walked a little further and watched from a distance as he
was trying to hide.  We told them how we were allowed to take the
phones back with none of those extra fees.  Somehow my brother brought
up how he talked to a manager by the name of "JACKSON" the other night
and what not.  Meredith instantly said that there are no managers at
this store.  Meredith also said there was no one by the name of
"JACKSON".  Obviously this was a lie since i had seen him the previous
night and I even saw him that very day.  Meredith was ongoing on her
not taking back the phones and my brother called Cingular and gave her
the phone.  Meredith ended up lying to this person saying that "WE DID
WALKED AWAY HAPPY"  So the representative gave in to the lie because
we did not tell her that we had a report that she could see proving
that she was lying.  So I started calling Cingular again.  During this
whole time up to now she was practically yelling and being rude since
there were no customers.  The second the customers came she talked all
happy putting up a front.  Meredith kept telling me and my brother
that I could have taken them back on Sunday November 14th and she was
happy to do it.  I got mad and told all of the customers there that
the previous night she was yelling and she did not allow me to take
back my phones.  One of the customers advised me to go straight to the
high up people.  Which obviously I am doing now.  But then Meredith
called security for no reason other then to keep us from interrupting
her sales.  While telling the security what Meredith was doing I
finally got in contact with the 4th representative from Cingular.  We
talked and I explained everything to her.  She put me on hold for a
little while to do research and make sure everything she said was
correct.  She then finally got back on the phone and was ready to
talk.  Meredith however was not.  She kept delying.  During the time
in which Meredith was delaying she started lying to the customers
about the merger between Cingular and AT&T.  So I verified what the
truth was with the representative on the phone and then relayed that
information to the customers.  Meredith kept lying and was saying how
I was lying when obviously I was not.  Anyways after doing nothing for
15 minutes Meredith finally talked on the phone.  Meredith kept lying
on the phone about how we walked away happy last night and anything
she could make up.  However this representative was ready with the
proof at hand on her computer screen.  She kept telling Meredith over
and over and over for like 30 minutes that we could take back the
phones with no fees and Meredith still did not listen and ended up not
taking them back.

So this is basically why I contacted you.  I had 15 days to take back
phones.  Meredith and "JACKSON" would not allow me to take them back
on the 14th or 15th day without having to pay the extra fees.  And
actually it is 30 days so I should still be able to take them back as
I found out by talking to 3 reprensentative from Cingular.  The last
representative's name was Christina, and one of the others was Susan.
I do not remember the name for the other one who did not give into the
lies.  So I contacted you to take back the phones with none of those
late fees.  I also contacted you to fire Meredith Hallstrom and the so
called "JACKSON".  Obviously they did not do there job.  They are the
rudest and most deceiptful employees I have ever come across in my
life.  If you need to know if the person's name is actually "JACKSON"
I could take a picture of him or try to get his name tag down.  We
also have contacted a lawer and have him on stand by incase there are
any further problems.  This has taken 2 hours of our time on each day
on which we have tried to take care of this.  We want this to finally
be over.

Thanks for your time,
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halo two is out super soon [Nov. 8th, 2004|05:39 pm]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |mad world]

just so everyone knows
i am still on the planet you call earth
and i am doing just fine and dandy for now
not better than that and now worse

i guess for right now i just have a
cat shaped question mark above my head
do not ask why cause i am trying to figure that out still

at least i got a strange message on my phone
of an older lady saying how she came into my house
and left notes for me and took care of my kids
i can not figure out if it is a good thing or not
since i do not have any kids that i know of
and if i do it could only be from someone using me without me knowing
so that could be bad if she used me and stole my kids
and also i do not see any messages
so they must be in some hidden room of my house
you know the place
it is the place where she is hiding and spying on me from

yeah so i gotta go now
and find that crazy lady to stop her crazy doings
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insane city [Oct. 17th, 2004|12:57 am]
[mood |crushedcrushed]
[music |mad world]

it seems saturday was working over time
to try and be a bad horrible day
and unluckily for me saturday succeded

oh goodness
i do not even know where to start

wait a second
i think i do know where to start
i really truely wish i was not in washington
that sounds like a good start to me
my whole life in washington has been a waste
or rather i should say my whole life with my family has
it is just one bad thing after another
and it just never stops
no breaks unless i am away
or at least not for me that is
cause everyone else who is not away has to deal with it

this really is so crazy
i just have a bad feeling about this next year to come
i do not want to get into the details
but it seems satan is very persistant
and with my luck he will have his way
and no i am not being overly dramatic
it may seem that i am but you do not know my family

and to think today i was thinking happy thoughts
about fixing relationships with others in my family
what a laugh
it seems every time i think that way
something has to happen
they will never be fixed
although i will keep trying

how stupid of me
it seems by now i should have decided that god does not exist
or at least that i should have turned my back to him by now
people say these kind of tests are supposed to make you stronger
but why is it i do not feel any stronger rather just more confused
just wondering why is this all happening why does it even have to
it feels like no matter what i do that i am dangling from a thread
which keeps getting closer and closer to its breaking point
like i am going to fall into some trap and then get eaten alive

why or why can i not have a normal life like everyone else
or at least everyone else who is not in my family
it just seems like it is an impossible goal
something that you dream of and never comes true

damn it
i can not even finish this entry
not to mention even starting it
so i guess this is the end
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update entry contest [Oct. 11th, 2004|07:17 pm]
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |mad world]

oh no
i better hurry and update my journal before someone else does
well not that they are updating mine rather updating theirs

so yes
i am not sure if had said so or not over here
but i think i have found a new favorite journal
it is at 1up.com and my user name is the same
however i guess that one is supposed to be about games
so this will probably remain my favorite write normal stuff journal
i just can not help liking the first journal thingy i got

but anyways last night was cool
the first time to have a stranger off the streets stay over
and i guess i am adapting to my new environment pretty well
it sort of makes it easier that friends from ca go interneting
i guess i should get a call from apple one ttommorroww for a job
after that i am going to be busy moving stuff and whatever

i better stop writing so that i can play some stepmania
dance out
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oh the stress [Oct. 6th, 2004|06:16 pm]
[mood |stressedstressed]
[music |mad world]

my sister is having a yelling fit
this place is driving me crazy
why am i even here

i am going very very crazy
just because i do not write more
does not mean things are not crazy
we all need protection from evil
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end of days [Oct. 2nd, 2004|07:56 pm]
[mood |depresseddepressed]

ttommorroww is going to be my last day in ca for a while
seems to be such a waste to just stay at home all day today
but i guess it is good i am getting farther in multi cart ways
oh and i guess it is okay to just eat brownies all day too

oh so nervous
i wish i did not have to go back
i feel like going back early
just so that i do not have to deal with the last day
since today is already over with
but i can not since the only reason i am still here
is because i was waiting for someone to get back
this is just crazy

i bet ttommorroww will be such a bore anyways
i should just go home right now
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street cars [Sep. 19th, 2004|10:56 pm]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |mad world]

i was just trying to update my ipadder account but it was not working
so i decided i would just update my livejournal account instead

um so
the past few days have been interesting
i got to play street fighter with kevin and laurie again
and it was really fun cause everyone is getting better
so it ends up being a lot of close matches which i think are fun
and um brian and tannisia and matt were there too which was great
it was so horrible when matt left though
i really wish he would not get mad so easily
it just seems silly to get mad about silly things

the next day was pretty interesting too
i got to hang out with laurie and see how she drives
she drives really pandaly mewely cool
and we got to eat at a good mexican restaurant
it was really cool how we got to talk and find out more about each other
then we looked at some games and ended up going to kevins house
kevins house was pretty interesting hanging out with kevin and matt
we were going to play epyc but then we could not
cause we could not play with scott
oh i really wish i could hang out with scott and mike more
but it seems pratically impossible
cause none of us have any way of contacting each other
and whenever someone tries they are stopped from finishing their sentences
that and the fact that i will be gone soon makes it seem impossible

and lastly there was today
i got to go see my relatives in thousand oaks
which was pretty fun but i am too shy to say anything

oh and i did get gas for cheap out there so that was cool
so we will leave it at that???
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please cut my hair now [Sep. 15th, 2004|10:40 pm]
[mood |goodgood]
[music |mad world]

today was such an interesting day
i got to look around for certain things
and i got to hang out with brian and matt and laurie and kevin

with matt and brian i got to see fable in action
it is such a cool game i am so glad i liked it
anyways it was really funny when matt kept getting his hair cut
for some old guys daughter and he looked so crazy
and then it ended up the guy lied and was making a fool out of matt
but yeah it is really cool and you can laugh and do crazy things
what a really great game take that all you nonbelievers

oh and then i hung out with kevin and laurie
that was fun walking to get no slurpie and then driving to get some
it was great it really was and then kevin actually drove
i know this sounds like a lie but trust me he does know how to drive
yes and we talked some and played street fighter
kevin and i were pretty evenly matched
and then we played the new mode and he kept beating me
but then i realized using a different part of the controller
actually enabled me to actually do my moves
and so then i kept beating him with ken
and then i changed to some short guy
and i still kept winning so i changed to another guy
and kevin finally won again
i am so glad i got kevin to win again
that was fun

i wonder if i will see scott ttommorroww
anyways now i am at home
writing about this fun stuff???
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failure city [Sep. 13th, 2004|04:30 pm]
[mood |disappointeddisappointed]
[music |mad world]

did i forget to say
i am so serious when i say this
for the past month
everything i have wanted or tried to do
has turned out to be a complete
it is driving me crazy

and just so people know
when i say i am going crazy
i never mean it
and if i ever act crazy
it is purely intentional and i do it to see reactions of others
it is never accidental unless i am very sick
but when i say i am going crazy
it really just means that i am very very disappointed
oh i guess when i say i am mad or something closely related to mad
that i am just very very disappointed as well
so basically i am happy or normal or disappointed

now that we got that out of the way
i would just like to say that school stuff is complicated
it is complicated in such a way that there is nothing i can do
well i guess there is something i can do since i am doing it
and that something is sitting around waiting for them to call me back
i guess i actually do not have to be sitting around all the time
i can play ddr or hang out with friends or something else since i can use a cell phone

but it is annoying cause i guess i can stay out here longer
however i do not think i can go back to work for farwest
that is due to the fact of hitler saying no phones
and this is such an emergency i have to be able to talk to my advisor when she calls
for however long we need to talk and i need to be on the internet to see my classes
so if they are going to be that way and i can not use the internet
then i can not work
which is annoying cause i should be working and earning more money
but i can not until my advisor calls me back
this is going to be so annoying not having a job yet still using money

oh what a mess???
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